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Till the Cows Come Home
Many can remember rural communities, families and farms. Do you remember women canning and cooking all together in the kitchen? I do! I remember the men outside together taking care of the animals. Then when the chores were done, going off together to fish,hunt or throw a horseshoe or two.

What happened to those communities? Those values? Those memories of us just sitting around snapping beans fresh picked from the garden?

I think I know. First the cows and livestock left. Then the people left, and with them a way of life was lost.

The consequences of this migration at first went unnoticed. Average weight went up. Type two diabetes rates accelerated along with many other modern maladies such as coronary arteriosclerosis. What changed? What is the underling reason for these increases? There may be many, but one clear cause is a shift from whole, fresh, nutrient rich food off the farm, to processed food from who knows where.

Our farm is the result of this change and its negative effect on my, and some of my friends and family's health. How can we reclaim a normal weight, healthy hearts, and normal blood glucose levels? Our belief is we can't "till the cows come home". We need vibrant rural communities again. We need real food. We need local food. We need local sustainable food supplied by local farms.

We want to be part of the solution to our industrial food supply producing processed food making us obese and unhealthy. We want to be part of a "back to the farm" movement where local families produce healthy, nutrient rich, whole food on local farms. We want to be part of giving you an alternative. Not everyone can move back to the farm, but we can all support local farm fresh produced food and the local farms that produce it.

Please join us! We want to be your local farm! We want you to know where your food is produced! We want you to know everything about how our animals are raised!

Join us for a healthier tomorrow. Join us to bring "The Cows Back Home".

The Rabun Family