Back to the Farm....

What makes you think about the future? For me the answer is the smiling faces of our grandchildren. Julie and I now have our first grandchild and our second is due next month! Thinking about them causes me to dream for a future where they can have healthy, safe, fulfilling lives.  Contrast this thought with our current presidential races.  No matter who you support a constant for all the candidates is they have the answers to provide us with a great, bright future.  You know the lines, from free stuff to making America great again.  We’ve heard it all before.


Let’s face it, they are not going to make things the way they should be. They do not seem to have as a high priority creating a place where everyone can safely walk the streets, where everyone’s children and grandchildren thrive, where they can play safely,  where there is justice for everyone, and where generation after generation we can raise our families in peace. When I think of a place like this my mind drifts back to rural America, family farms, small community churches and neighbors who really know and care for the people around them. For most of us this kind of life seems to be a fading distant memory.

When faced with the current societal breakdown and the resulting frustration of a governing class who continue to make decisions and pass laws that have a profound negative affect on our lives, it is very discouraging. All the while this governing class is making these decisions, they  keep themselves isolated and insulated from the negative effects of their policies. Globalism, open  borders, loss of a distinction between citizen and non-citizen rights, endless military actions across the globe, this pattern continues until we feel like throwing up our hands and giving up. But we must not, we cannot. Our children and grandchildren’s futures depend on what we do and the path we choose today.


For me the choice is to go back to the farm. A place where we can safely raise our families and learn again to depend on God as He blesses the work of our hands. We cannot count on the next political movement or politition. The question is how can we do this successful? How can we do it profitably?  Rabun Ranch is our search for these answers.  I hope you will join us in this search as we write and share with each other our ideas and experiences as we seek to build lives worth living.


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