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There are many reasons people love to live in rural farming areas. Nature, land and animals to name a few. But for me one of the most pleasing reasons for living in rural farming areas is the people who live there.  Kindness, honesty, and genuineness are almost always exhibited by rural people who farm and ranch.


This past weekend I traveled to Vernon, Florida from our home near Augusta, Georgia to purchase a future herd sire for our South Poll cattle. The drive from our home to Vernon is about six and a half hours. But there in Vernon is a couple we have learned to really love and trust when it comes to the cattle business. Cliff and Kay White of Holiday Ranch in Vernon, Florida are always eager to help us build one of the best herds of South Pole Cattle in the South East.  Cliff and Kay often mail or email us articles they feel will be helpful to us to become better stewards of our land and animals.  Cliff is always ready to answer the many questions I have to glean some of the knowledge that he has accumulated from a lifetime of raising cattle. Cliff and Kay are some of the founding members of the South Poll association and know as much about the breed as anyone, less maybe the founder and developer of the South Poll breed, Teddy Gentry.  They are always welcoming and genuinely happy to see us when we visit.

Here is an example of why rural farmers and ranchers are the best neighbors in the world. When we were loading the bull I came to purchase Cliff wanted me to load another young bull. He had just received the genetic report on the bull and thought he might help us develop tenderness into our herd. Cliff said, “Just keep him till after your next spring breeding season.” A not so random act of kindness which displays why I love “country folks”.

So, if you are thinking about leaving behind the city life and joining a rural agricultural community, I believe when you do you will find a community of farmers and ranchers who will welcome you with open arms just like Cliff and Kay always welcome us. America needs young farmers and I truly believe young families need the values and lifestyle that awaits them out on the Farm.

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