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Better beef, from local farms.
Enjoy ethical, and sustainable beef from local farms delivered to your door.
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Better for the environment
Combining sustainable farming practices with maximum travel of 250mi from the farm, to your door, we are able to provide your family with unmatched freshness while cutting emissions.
Better for the community
Our promise to you is that every delivery is sourced from local farms using local aggregation and packaging centers.
We are passionate about keeping the economic benefit local while putting a better quality meal on your table.
Better for your pocket
By focusing on sustainable land management practices and ensuring local production to cut down on food miles, we can pass on those cost savings to you!
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$135.00 ea
2 x Ribeye OR T-Bone
1 x Sirloin
1 x Roast
1 x Stew
5lb Ground Beef
1lb Cubed Steak

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$250.00 ea
2 x Ribeye
2 x T-Bone
1 x Sirloin
2 x Roast
1 x Ribs OR Stew
10lb Ground Beef
2lb Cubed Steak
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